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Aromatherapy Set "Ylang-ylang-Lemongrass"


Bright, sweet aroma of ylang-ylang in natural essential oils blend "Ylang-ylang - Lemongrass" by Aromatika TM weave with fresh grassy citrus notes of lemongrass making a merry, positive atmosphere at your home. This aroma improves concentration, brings optimistic spirit, cheerfulness and energy. It attracts world's love and positive energy, smoothes your energy shell. This blend is especially recommended for air aromatization during unfavorable autumn and winter time.


drip 1-2 drops of essential oils blend on a ceramic star. You can regulate the intensity of a scent by the number of stars used: the more stars, the more intensive is a scent.

Maintenance: wash the stars 1-2 times per month with baking soda water.

Set's kit: essential oils blend 10 ml (0.33 oz) - 1pcs; ceramic stars - 5 pcs; aluminium pot - 1 pcs.

Shelf life : 24 month

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