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Bronchial Herbal Tea Blend

Herbal tea helps in the treatment of lung diseases, bronchitis, cough and in the elimination and prevention of salt retention in the joints. Its properties facilitate the discharge of secretions from the respiratory tract.

The tea also boosts the immune system and improves wellbeing and overall body condition.

Black currant and wild strawberry leaves enrich the tea with ascorbic acid, tannins, flavonoids. They normalise digestion, activate hemopoiesis, and speed up the discharge of toxins from the body.

Wild marjoram, linden flowers, and elderberry have anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic and toning properties acting similarly to antibiotics which reduce inflammation.

Couch grass and chicory remove salt and heavy metals from the body. Willow leaves enrich the infusion with natural aspirin with antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties.


Ribes nigrum, Elymus repens, Fragaria vesca, Origanum vulgare, Salix alba, Sorbus aucuparia, Cichorium intybus, Prunus cerasus, Sambucus nigra, Ruta hortensis, Tilia cordata, Viola tricolor. 

Capacity: 50 g

Manufacturer: India Cosmetics, Poland
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