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Bishofit Gel (Magnesium Chloride Solution), Bischofite

Bishofit is a natural mineral which lies deep underground in the form of Magnesium Chloride salt crystals. It is obtained by dissolving the crystals in water and pumping up the saturated solution.

Being an alternative name for a naturally occurring magnesium salt solution, it is also known as Magnesium Oil and Magnesium Chloride Solution. It is an oily odourless transparent liquid, yellowish in colour. Its main constituent is Magnesium Chloride (96%), some calcium sulphate, calcium chloride, calcium hydrocarbonate, sodium chloride, with the overall mineral content of 400-450g/l. Additionally, Bishofit contains sodium, iodine, iron, bromide, silica, molybdenum, titanium, lithium, as well as traces of almost all the chemical elements of the Periodic Table.

Healing Properties of Bishofit

People have known about the healing properties of Bishofit for a long time and have been using it to treat muscle cramps, aches and pains, to calm nerves, relax, etc. It is widely used in balneology due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect to treat osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, lumbago, and other conditions of the Musculo-skeletal and Nervous systems. It is also used to treat nervous tension, stress, a variety of skin conditions and a number of other problems.

Bishofit (Magnesium Chloride solution) is widely used in medicine for a number of pharmacological properties.

It has been found to:

* Stimulate protein/fat metabolism
* Reduce inflammation by lowering the levels of hystamine and serotonin (mediators of inflammation)
* Speed up rehabilitation processes in the body
* Inscrease metabolic rate
* Strengthen immunity
* Slow down ageing
* Improve the functioning of the Musculo-Skeletal system
* Improve the functioning of the Nervous System
* Reduce the effects of stress
* Increase phagocytosis
* Speed up tissue regeneration
* Improve skin condition

It has been proved to be a:

* Sedative
* Anti-inflammatory
* Bactericidal / fungicidal
* Improve micro-circulation
* Analgesic
* Immune regulator

Magnesium Chloride ("Bishofit") can be applied transdermally using the following methods:

* Compresses (very effective and economical method. Can be used for localised aches/pains, arthritis, wounds, etc.)
* Baths (effective, but less economical, than a compress. Works on the whole body).
* Massage medium (although Magnesium Oil is not actually an oil, it has an oily consistency, and is a very effective way to deal with muscle aches/pains).
* As part of clay and mud packs (body wraps, compresses, masks, poultices). Excellent for the skin and a great way to bring Magnesium to the body.

Some people may find that pure magnesium oil may irritate their skin. If this happens, make a pause in the treatments until the irritation goes away and try diluted solutions. 

Massage medium: "Bishofit" is especially effective when used as a massage medium. It has an oily consistency which makes it very suitable for massage. 

Massage speeds up circulation, opens up pores and raises the skin temperature by attracting blood to the area. This improves the absorption by the body of Magnesium and other minerals contained in "Bishofit". Dilute the product if necessary to suit each particular skin type.

Volume: 150 ml

Country of origin: Ukraine

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