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Stop Demodex Finish Control Gel, Discoloration after Demodex and Acne

Finish control gel is a therapeutic and preventive cosmetic product for the care of problem skin, used to eliminate such skin defects after the treatment of demodecosis and acne such as:

  • atrophic scars
  • hypertrophic scars
  • stagnant spots
  • hyperpigmentation
The action of the gel is based on replenishing the amount of ascorbic acid, oxygen and collagen in the skin fibers, the lack of which contributes to the maintenance of the inflammatory process. AHA acids included in the preparation contribute to noticeable changes in the dermis, due to their effect on fibroblasts, the synthesis of collagen, elastin, glycosaminoglycans and hyaluronic acid, the main building blocks for "building" our skin, increases. As a result, an increase in the volume of the intercellular base substance of the dermis and its thickness occurs, which leads to the smoothing of the skin surface.
The main feature of the gel is that the constituent acids do not contribute to antiogenesis and prevent the reproduction of Demodex folliculorum in the follicle due to the effect on the adhesion of corneocytes.

Application for 1-1.5 months normalizes keratinization, pigmentation and evens the skin microrelief.

Preparations of the Stop Demodex® series have passed all the necessary laboratory tests.
The effectiveness of the use of drugs confirmed by clinical trials.
To achieve the maximum effect, the complex application of the Stop Demodex® series is recommended.


  • has strong antioxidant properties
  • regulates the transport of hydrogen in many biochemical reactions
  • participates in the synthesis of collagen and tissue regeneration.
  • carries out tissue respiration
  • improves blood circulation in the upper layers of the skin
  • improves tissue healing
  • creates a moisturizing film on the surface of the skin, which allows cells to move freely and make the necessary "repair" work.
  • facilitates the removal of comedones
  • prevents follicle re-clogging
  • improves tissue respiration
  • reduces skin pigmentation

Recommendations for use:

It is applied after the end of the course of treatment Stop Demodex® to reduce the effects of demodecosis and acne in the summer period is preferably applied in the evening, or protective creams with SPF 10-15 are not recommended to use nutritious night creams.

Remember! The subcutaneous parasitic tick has its own life cycle, not less than 45 days. For effective treatment, you must complete a full course of treatment. In the treatment of demodicosis and acne, it is important to observe hygiene, procedure procedures and a certain diet. It is also advisable to consult a dermatologist.

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